This is where you can catch the latest dish on our favorite actor! :-)

November 15: This just in! Mark's latest film, "Walking Across Egypt" won the top prize at the Heartland Film Festival in Indiana two weeks ago! That will surely increase the chances of the film securing a distributor, and hopefully we will all get to see this movie soon! :-) Kepp your fingers crossed!!

October 22: Mark did a voiceover for a commercial for the new Star Wars novel, Vector Prime! In it, he reprises his role as our beloved Luke Skywalker :-). Be on the lookout for it on the Sci-Fi and F/X channels!! You can get the complete schedule for when the commercial airs on the International Mark Hamill Fan Club website!

September 25: Happy 48th Birthday to Mark!!!

September 3: Did you know that Entertainment Weekly is conducting a "greatest movies of the millenium" poll? One of their questions is for the "best movie hero"!! Mark is nominated as Luke Skywalker, so go vote!! He is in a tight race with Han Solo and Indiana Jones, so let's show Mark and Luke some support by making him #1! It'd sure make for a nice birthday present in a few weeks for Mark, eh?

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