Mark in his Luke costume from ANH

Mark as Luke Skywalker in ROTJ

Another one of Mark as Luke Skywalker in ROTJ

Mark in a stormtrooper uniform

Mark with wife Marilou and daughter Chelsea

Mark with wife Marilou at the 1997 London Premiere of the Star Wars Special Edition

Mark with son Nathan on the set of ROTJ

Mark on the cover of Star Wars Insider

Mark as Luke drawing his blaster

Mark and his family at the premiere of Star Wars:SE

Mark and Carrie Fisher

A publicity still for "Texas Wheelers"

Sexy Mark!

Mark, Marilou, and Nathan

Mark, Marilou, and Griffin

Mark, Marilou, and Griffin again

Black and white still

Another black and white still

Yet another black and white still

Mark playing with toys

Mark on the cover of Rolling Stone

Mark in his NY apartment

Mark playing with Nathan

Mark from "Eight is Enough"

Mark shaking a fan's hand

Mark in "The Elephant Man"

Mark reading in his NY apartment

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