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Welcome to the "Jedi Soulmates" page, Jedi Callie's tribute to Luke Skywalker and Callista Ming...

In 1995, Barbara Hambly introduced the character of Callista Ming in the best selling Star Wars novel, Children of the Jedi. What resulted was a touching and poignant love story between the strong and wise Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, and the brave hero who once lost her life to save others. The story of these star-crossed lovers was continued in Kevin J. Anderson's Darksaber and eventually saw a bittersweet conclusion in Hambly's Planet of Twilight.

Though the books eventually decided to go in a different direction with this couple, their love story nonetheless remains one of the most beautiful and moving stories I've ever seen in the Star Wars universe. Callista will forever be Luke's one and only soulmate in my eyes, and he, her one and only beloved. This page is my tribute to what could have been--what should have been.

Leave your perceptions at the door when you enter this page, and "unlearn what you have learned" after Planet of Twilight. This is a place where these soulmates who belong together are together once again, forever...

A special thank you to the three people whose imagination, talent, and creativity inspired this page: George Lucas, Mark Hamill, and Barbara Hambly.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas brought his brilliant masterpiece, the Star Wars saga, to the big screen, and movies changed forever... His unforgettable characters and the journeys they took in a magical universe captured the imagination of nearly everyone in my generation, and will undoubtedly do so in the generations to come.

Mark Hamill's convincing portrayal of Luke Skywalker made Luke into more than a two-dimensional character. Thanks to Mark, we watched Luke mature from a naive and wide-eyed farmboy to a serene and noble Jedi Knight--a transformation that he achieved with great nuance and charm. Through his eyes, the strange planets and aliens became familiar and endearing. We forgot that Yoda was a rubber puppet, and that Threepio was actually a guy in a gold suit, because Mark made us believe they were real when he interacted with them. He is undoubtedly one of the most underrated performers in the Star Wars saga; Star Wars simply would not have been Star Wars without Mark's presence as Luke.

Barbara Hambly's contributions to the Star Wars universe can't be forgotten either. Her beautiful writing and vivid characterizations made her Star Wars books the only ones I truly treasure as much as the movies themselves--no small accomplishment, I assure you, considering how much of a Star Wars "purist" I am ;-).

So this site is dedicated to the three of them, for creating and fostering a world that's so amazing that you want to go there time and time again...

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