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As you may or may not know, the character of Callista Ming was written out of the Star Wars books after Planet of Twilight. Callie and Luke parted ways after she decided that she needed to find her lost powers on her own. Needless to say, I was disappointed to see them let such a promising and complex character go. I had come to love her character, and I was happy to see my favorite character, Luke Skywalker, finally meet his perfect complement.

But, I figured if the books can't give these star-crossed lovers the happy ending they deserved, then I would just have to write my own fan fiction and set things the way they should be (well, the way they should be, in my eyes anyway *hehe*)!

Below is a trilogy I am working on that follows Luke and Callista through their eventual reunion, their wedding, the birth of their first child, and their decision to re-establish the Jedi Council five years later. Those of you who have read the Luke and Callista stories I've written before ("Tremors of the Heart", "Callista's Return", "The Search", Dawn of a New Threat) will recognize some of the elements in these stories, because the new ones are basically re-written, fleshed out versions of those original stories. I wrote the original ones at a time when I had been away from writing for a few years and was very, very rusty. I had a lot of cobwebs to get rid of first, and hopefully now I've had enough time to get back into the "groove" and will produce better stories as a result :-).

If you would like to see the original stories, they are still available--just drop me a line, and I'll provide the link (but remember, these stories are very, very rusty!!!).

I'm still working on the first novel of the trilogy, and it's a very time-consuming task, so please bear with me! I post each chapter as I get done with it, but sometimes, I may go months before posting the next chapter--that's because I'm taking my time ;-). I hope to be done with the first draft (and get all the chapters up) by December, but that's if real life doesn't get in the way ;-). Please feel free to read what's been posted so far, and don't be shy with the feedback!

  • Out of Darkness

      Note: This is a first draft, so it will be far from flawless! I do plan to re-write it (several times, most likely) after I finish the first draft, so don't be surprised if the final version is different. Hopefully, it will be a much better and stronger story in the end :-)

  • Ghosts of Yesterday
  • Tremor in the Force

Disclaimer: all fan fiction on this site is copywrited by Jedi Callie, and is based on characters and situations created by George Lucas, as well as characters introduced by Barbara Hambly. No profit is being made from them, and they are for entertainment purposes only.

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