Jedi Soulmates: The Luke and Callista Page

The story of these star-crossed lovers, Luke Skywalker and Callista Ming, the brave Jedi Knight who existed as a spirit for years until she met Luke, was first introduced in Barbara Hambly's Children of the Jedi. Kevin J. Anderson's Darksaber and Hambly's Planet of Twilight rounded out the "Callista Trilogy."

If you haven't had a chance to read these books, they are available on

  • Barbara Hambly's Children of the Jedi
  • Kevin J. Anderson's Darksaber
  • Barbara Hambly's Planet of Twilight
  • The Star Wars Adventure Journal #14

    Unfortunately, Planet of Twilight is the last Star Wars book in which Callista appears (hopefully that will change in the future :-)). She did appear in a short story written by Barbara Hambly called "Murder in Slushtime," which was in the Star Wars Adventure Journal #14. Thanks to fan fiction, that doesn't necessarilly mean that that's the end of Luke and Callie's story!

    Want to have Barbara Hambly write for the new "New Jedi Order" series published by DelRey? Want to have Callista brought back? Then let DelRey know!! Visit their website at and fill out their email form! Fans can and do make a difference. If they see that there are enough of us out there who would love to read about the character of Callie again, maybe they'll do it!!

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