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Jedi Soulmates: The Luke and Callista Page


Storylines from

Children of the Jedi (Barbara Hambly)
Darksaber (Kevin J. Anderson)
Planet of Twilight (Brabara Hambly)

Eight years after the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker met the love of his life on a mission to detroy the Eye of Palpatine, a newly discovered Imperial dreadnaught used to kill the families of the Jedi.

Accompanied by his Jedi apprentices, Cray Mingla, and her fiance Nichos, Luke boarded the dreaded ship to unarm it for good. Once aboard, he sensed the presence of Callista, a powerful Jedi Knight from years past, through the Force.

30 years before, Callista, along with another Force-sensitive, had set out on their own mission to destroy the Eye. They failed in their mission, and were killed in the attempt. Callista's spirit somehow remained on board, infused in the ship's gunnery computer.

Using her Force powers, Calllista kept the dreadnaught dormant until Luke came aboard. Through the Force, they were able to communicate with each other, and see each other in their dreams, eventually falling deeply in love.

During the course of the mission, Cray decided to sacrifice herself to destroy the ship once she lost her beloved Nichos. To give Callista the chance to be with Luke, Cray let Callista's essense enter her body as Cray died.

But Callista's miracle came with a heavy price to pay. She lost her ability to touch the Force, and although Luke still loved her, she was traumatized and distraught as a result. Determined to help her, Luke set out to help her find a way to regain her powers, but Callista was able to touch only the dark side.

Frightened that she would be tempted by the dark side again in order to regain her powers, and worried that she would be only a source of pain in Luke's life, Callista made the difficult decision to leave him and set out on her own journey to reclaim the Force once again.

She promised to return to her beloved one day when she was whole once more...

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