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Out of Darkness

He kissed her lips voraciously, taking her in like a man taking in water who had gone weeks in the desert without a single drop. He felt the fire underneath her skin, underneath his--they had fused into one and he could no longer distinguish between her flesh and his--and he pressed himself against her, as if it were impossible for the space between them to be small enough. Drowning in desire, he had abandoned all rational thinking. He didn't care anymore. Didn't care about the voice in his head that whispered: Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny...

The taste of her lips was far too intoxicating to turn back.

The buzz in his head was far too overpowering.

The light will never complete you... It is the dark side that will fill you...

Abruptly, she broke off the kiss, an umbilical chord suddenly severed, and she pushed him off her with a force that shocked him.

"Cal..." He drew her once more to him, not wanting to be without the sweet nectar of her, but before their mouths could touch she pulled away once more.

"No," she cried, shaking her head. The grief he saw in her eyes was almost unbearable, but he forced himself to ignore it. "I can't... I won't do this to you..."

He needed her. He needed to touch her. He needed the feel of her next to him.

And he didn't care that he was losing himself.

"You were right," he said. He heard the desperation in his voice, but it didn't frighten him at all. He was drunk with wanting her. "What does anything matter if we can't be together, Callista? I'll give it up, all of it. I will give it up for you."

"No... No..."

She trembled before him, shivering violently--like an addict in withdrawal.

"Go," she said. "It's too late for me, Luke. Save yourself... Go..."

He tried to touch her again. "I don't care about any of it," he whispered in her mouth. "None of it, do you hear me? Damn the light side. It cost me you. You were right... Please... Callista..."

Give in to the dark side... It is the only way to what you desire...

"I will not... do this to you... I will not..." She pounded her fists at his chest, but he refused to walk away from her. "Save yourself... Save yourself..."

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