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Happy Anniversary

She would be home soon. Luke had to get everything ready before she got home from her class at the Great Temple. Nervously, he looked about him, arranging the pillows, the blankets, the candles so that they looked just right. Everything had to be perfect, the way he pictured it in his mind.

In the midst of his harried frenzy, he took a moment to pause and reflect on the special occasion. His lips instinctively formed a smile as he thought of his beautiful wife.

Callista. Even the sound of her name was enough to make his entire being come alive. He thought of the five years full of long, desolate nights he spent without her, wondering if she was happy, hoping she was thinking of him too. Those nights seemed like a faraway dream to him now. Ever since she came back, he couldn't imagine a day when he didn't feel like the luckiest man in the universe.

"Luke? Where are you, sweetheart?"

"In here!" he called out to her, as he hurriedly did any last-minute tidying up he needed to do.

She walked into the room, and she took his breath away. He stood there, staring at her, his mind not quite comprehending the incredible fortune he had been given in ever meeting this amazing woman who stood before him.

She smiled at him, her face making him melt.

"This... This looks amazing," she said breathlessly as she looked around her, observing what Luke had been putting together for most of the afternoon while she had been gone. "I can't believe you did all of this..."

"You like it?"

"I love it." She kissed him, her hands gently caressing his back making him forget about everything that was outside of their room.

"Happy anniversary," he whispered.

"Happy anniversary," she replied in that husky voice that made him swoon.

He gave her a boyish grin, and excitedly pulled her towards the chest of drawers in their room. "Since you're giving me the ultimate present of all," he said, gently patting her round belly, making her laugh, "I wanted to get you something that you would always remember for our first anniversary."

Her eyes lit up in joy as he handed her a small package. Gingerly, her fingers tore at the wrapping, and opened the box.

"Oh Luke..."

Inside the box were two matching gold chains, with identical amulets.

"It's a Tatooine waipui coin," he explained to her, as she admired her gift. "It's broken in half, and we'll each wear the one half."

She looked up at him, tears in her gray eyes, unable to find the words to thank him.

"It reminded me of us, Callie. Two halves of the same whole. United and unbreakable."

"Always," she added, letting her happy tears flow without embarrassment.

He took her face into his hands, and reached down to kiss her, leaving no doubt in her mind how deep his love was for her.

Happy Anniversary.

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