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Dawn of a New Threat


"Oh boy, you mean I'm really old enough to be trained?"

Luke couldn't help but smile at his daughter's ecstatic reaction. He watched as she struggled to sit still to wait for him to confirm her hope. "That's right, princess, you're a big girl now, and Mommy and I decided that you're ready to start your Jedi training."

Her gray eyes reflected a deep understanding, as she looked back at her parents, with wonder and awe at all that was to come. It was as if she had been aware of her destiny from the moment she was born.

Her enthusiasm was infectious, as Luke and Callista found themselves sharing in her thrill at the new journey on which she was now about to embark.

"Does Owen get to be trained soon too?"

"Not quite yet, sweetheart," Callista told her. "We're training him little by little now, but we won't start his formal training until he turns four like you. And when baby Ryla is born, she'll be trained eventually too."

Cray tilted her head again to look up at her parents, her forehead scrunching while she thought of her next question. "Mommy," she began, "Will I ever get to be as good a Jedi as you and Daddy?"

Callista bent down to cup her daughter's face in her hands. "You know how Jedi can see the future?" she asked her, giving her a knowing smile.

"Uh huh..." Cray replied with a nod.

"Well, I've seen the future, and you and Owen and Ryla will be very powerful Jedi. And you'll make Daddy and me very, very proud."

"We're already proud of you, princess," Luke added.

Cray smiled, now that her questions were answered. She reached for her parents' hands and held them in her own. With the composure of someone far older than she was, she took a deep breath and made her bold declaration.

"I'm going to be a Jedi."

The End

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